Defend: Legal Support

When Anglican organizations face a crisis or legal issue, the AOGIA's general counsel is mobilized to assist and provide invaluable support and consultation. From legal consultations to connecting with third-party legal service providers, the AOGIA's team has decades of broad legal experience.

  • Legal Support and the Office of General Counsel

    From trespassing and destruction of property to acts of sectarian violence or discrimination, the AOGIA's Office of General Counsel can provide guidance and support for Anglican provinces, dioceses and parishes. If you are in need of immediate legal assistance, please connect with us today to see if the AOGIA could assist you. 

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  • International Religious Freedom

    As a global church, Anglicans are advocates for the recognition of religious freedom as fundamental and universal human rights around the globe, including some of the most difficult places on earth. 

  • Anglican Asylum Aid

    The AOGIA is committed to assisting Anglican clergy and laity with tools, resources, and guidance that can help provide the support that many families abroad need when seeking emergency resettlement and asylum. By financially supporting the AOGIA, you can help make this vital work possible. See the story below of one such family helped by the AOGIA.