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The AOGIA actively protects Anglican communities domestically by providing legislative education on key issues that are important to our constituency. Internationally, the AOGIA communicates with international NGOs, embassies, and the United Nations to advocate for the rights and freedoms of Anglicans around the world. 

  • Legislative Affairs

    Through ongoing proactive advocacy efforts, including legislative education and coalition development, the AOGIA is defending religious freedom, advocating for a biblically informed public policy, and working with leaders at all levels of government to represent the needs and concerns of Anglicans across the country and around the world. 

  • Military Affairs

    As a chaplain-led ministry, the Anglican Office for Government & International Affairs is proud to support the Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces & Chaplaincy of the Anglican Church in North America. With more than 280 Anglican chaplains serving across the U.S. military, the AOGIA is uniquely positioned to represent and advocate for Anglican military families.  

  • International Affairs

    The AOGIA's Office for International Affairs is responsible for engaging with the U.S. Department of State, foreign embassies, and the United Nations on issues ranging from religious persecution, human rights, gender-based violence, sustainable development goals, to defending the fundamental human rights of all people. 

  • The AOGIA Office to the United Nations

    The Department of International Affairs serves as a representative of the ACNA and provides a voice for Anglicans to international organizations. We also provide regional specialists who advise Anglican provinces and help them to find diplomatic solutions to complex issues.