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  • Holy Week is for Honoring Jesus Christ - AOGIA Chairman, Bishop Derek Jones responds to President Biden

    Washington, D.C. - Bishop Derek L. S. Jones, Chairman, AOGIA. 

    In his Presidential proclamation made on Good Friday to the transgender community, President Biden said “Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans:  You are loved.  You are heard.  You are understood.  You belong.  You are America, and my entire Administration and I have your back.” True followers of Christ know that their President, a self-professed Christian, has turned his back away from his Roman Catholic faith, the mandates on human sexuality found in scripture, and the teachings of Christ to his Church to cast off that which is immoral, sinful, and that keeps us far from the Love of God.  We pray President Biden finds his way to repentance, confession, and an amended life.  READ MORE

  • AOGIA and Save Karabakh Coalition Calls on US Allies to ACT to save Christians from Genocide

    Today, the Save Karabakh Coalition called on Ignazio Cassis, the head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, to use Switzerland’s presidency of the UN Security Council to help the besieged people of Nagorno Karabakh.

    For over five months – since December 12 – this region, home to an ancient community of 120,000 Armenian Christians, has been under siege by Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has blocked off the region from all air or land transport, and cut its electricity and gas lines. Azerbaijani snipers regularly attack Armenian farmers trying to grow food locally. MORE

  • AOGIA Launches Save Karabakh Coalition Formed to Defend Armenia Christians Facing Genocide in Azerbajain

    In response to mounting Azerbaijani aggression against the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh, the AOGIA and a group of diverse NGOs and activists gathered at the US Capitol House Press Triangle to announce the launch of the Save Karabakh Coalition.  The Announcement will include members of Congress, representatives of the Armenian community, NGO and religious leaders who are working together to save the Amerindian Christian community in Nagoro Karabakh, a historic Armenian community now claimed my Azerbaijan. MORE

  • Iranian Anglican family find freedom in America

    Persecuted Iranian Anglican Pastor Hekmet Salimi and his family have safely landed in the US and have begun a life of freedom thanks to the support of the AOGIA. Rev. Salimi is one of a growing number of Iranian Christians who have been relentlessly persecuted in Iran for their faith. Christian’s from Muslim backgrounds are often charged with harsh apostasy laws for converting to Christianity from Islam. “We are so thankful that in the Unites States, the First Amendment protects the free exercise of religion. Our Constitution protects families like the Salimi’s and guarantees their religious freedom.” Said Rev. Canon Justin Murff. Executive Director of the Anglican Office for Government & International Affairs.


    "We are continuing to monitor this unfortunate event," said Canon Murff. The 'event' is when a group, led by Church of Nigeria Bishop Dr. Augustine Unuigbe, stormed into Christ Anglican Church during worship services on Dec 4, 2022 initiating a riot. The group assaulted church members, yelled racial asides at Bp Ken Ross of the ACNA (who had to be secured in a locked room to protect him from an assailant), and refused to disperse when directed to do so by Law Enforcement. The members of the Church were forced to leave the church and gather in a nearby home for Bp Ross and the church members to finish the worship service that he had traveled there to do. MORE

  • Church of Nigeria Bishop leads violent sectarian mob attacking ACNA Church in New Jersey

    As numerous videos on social media show, Bishop Unigbe had many opportunities to prevent the violence, but he chose instead to lead and participate in it, even striking at least one parishioner. Complicating the issue further is that the violent incident appears to be pre-meditated and orchestrated by another Church of Nigeria Bishop

    according to a letter from the Church of Nigeria. MORE

  • ACNA Church in New Jersey Attacked

    What began as a joyful church service celebrating baptisms and confirmations at Christ Anglican Church, a member of the Anglican Church in North America, ended in heartbreak as violence erupted and the church was attacked on Sunday, December 4, 2022 by an angry mob led by Church of Nigeria (CoN) Bishop Dr. Augustine Unigbe who attempted to illegally seize the church. 

  • US Service members get vaccine REPRIEVE in New Defense Bill

    A compromise defense policy bill released Tuesday night would end the Pentagon’s policy requiring troops to receive the Covid vaccine — and kicking out those troops who refuse it — delivering a win to those who railed against the policy.